Case Study: My Experience With Cannabis

Case Study: My Experience With Cannabis

Marijuana Growing Tips and Where to Get Help

If you are like many people that believe they have a green thumb, you might have probably thought of growing marijuana. If you love rolling a joint, most certainly you will find growing the weed yourself is quite fulfilling. First things first, contrary to popular belief, growing marijuana is not difficult. The secret lies in finding the best marijuana seeds and taking the time to learn and understand the process of growing. To get started, you can always learn how to grow marijuana from those that are already doing it, right?

Luckily, the internet has enough information to make you an overnight guru in growing marijuana. Still on point, you can get the best Marijuana seeds entirely online. So be sure to get the most out of the internet as your perfect your green thumb with growing marijuana.

There is a reason why marijuana is called weed because it can grow pretty much anywhere and very easily, just like a weed. That said, there are things you have to keep in mind when growing weed for best results; lighting being one those. Being a flowering plant, cannabis will bear fruit once a year during the months of fall when the daylight hours are shorter.

What this means to you is you have to put measures in place to control the photoperiod of your plant. For starters, ensure your indoor pot plant gets at least 12 hours of light on a daily basis. You might be wondering why you should control the flowering, but it’s generally to help prevent premature flowering. It is recommended you allow your marijuana plant to grow between four and six weeks before it starts to flower to have a good harvest.

You might also want to think about the type of container to use for your plants as well as nutrients and mediums for your weed plants. Breathable fabric pots are highly recommended. A good container should have saucers and drainage holes to help with the good flow of water. You cannot afford to have your plant growing in stagnant water with all the care and attention you have already given it. This is because it will only be a matter of time before the pH environment changes leading to the water being redrawn to the plant. , Of course, this can significantly affect the quality of produce in the long run. Also, the stagnant water may attract bugs and molds around your weed plant, which may also affect the quality and quantity on the day of harvesting.

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