Innovations in Memory Foam Mattresses

Innovations in Memory Foam Mattresses

The first memory foam mattress was introduced in 1991. There have been many innovations in the past few decades. Technology has helped create synthetic materials that improve the longevity, the temperature, and the motion transfer of memory foam. Pricing can fit into more budgets than ever before, and some warranties last a lifetime. A few brands can be found in furniture stores, but newer brands are only available online. The low overhead contributes to affordable pricing.

Take Another Look

Many people have dismissed memory foam as an option due to high pricing, heat held by the material, and the lack of variety. These aspects are not longer an issue, so take a closer look at the newest generation of memory foam mattresses. Cooling systems include a new material called Tencel combined with cotton for a cool surface. Gel memory foam is also used to keep the mattresses from throwing off too much heat during the night. Airflow is increased in some mattresses utilizing a pillow top covered in woven fabric/


The foam mattresses of today have multiple layers made of different types of foam and other components to provide unwavering support for the life of the mattress. The Nectar mattresses, for example, consists of five layers. An ultra dense support foam is used for the seven-inch base layer, a Hi Core adaptive foam comprises another layer, and a layer of patented LushFoam is also included. Gel foam makes up the highest foam layer of the mattress, and the bedbug resistant cover provides the cool sleeping surface.

Other innovative structures include layers of pockets that are filled with either water or air, smart grid patterns to improve motion isolation properties, and a hybrid foam layer for durability, among others. Some innovations come in the form of new materials combined with the actual foam material. The Purple brand of mattresses is an excellent example. A hyper-elastic polymer is mixed with the foam to provide even distribution of weight to accommodate sleepers in any position. People interested in learning about innovations can click this link for reviews, side by side comparisons, and details on firmness levels.

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